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Australian Labradoodle Colors and Coats

Australian Labradoodle Coat Types

Australian Labradoodle Colors and Coats

Inconsistent Coat

Sometimes abbreviated as "IC."

Hair Coat

Varies in thickness/length on different parts of body. Low maintenance but does shed at varying degrees. Not recommended for families with allergies.

Fleece Coat

Most Desirable. Soft. Curl varies. Typically non-shedding and good for people with allergies. Minimal to moderate grooming. Longer coats are kept, the higher the maintenance.

Wool Coat

A Hypo-Allergenic Coat: tightly curled with a coarse texture (sometimes wavy). Mostly non shedding and allergy friendly. More grooming, especially when coat is longer.

Australian Labradoodle Coats at the Corral

Coat types vary among all size doodles (Micro, Mini, Small-Meidum and Standard). At the Labradoodle Corral, we mostly produce a fleece coat. Wool coats are saved for the super sensitive allergy family. But a fleece coat is very soft, giving you that teddy bear feel, great look and the least maintenance.

Coat Color (As Defined By

Caramel Colored Australian Labradoodles

A rich Gold/Apricot

Red Colored Australian Labradoodles

A solid, even, rich red color which should have no sprinkling of other colored fibers throughout the coat.  Red can fade somewhat with age. Red is a rare color and fairly hard to find.

Apricot/Gold Colored Australian Labradoodles

The color of a ripe apricot on the inside.  It can come in varying shades and may fade as the dog grows older.

Blue Colored Australian Labradoodles

A dark to medium smoky Blue.  Blue also belongs to the Rare Color Group.  Blue dogs are born Black but will have Blue skin and undertonings at a young age. 

Silver Colored Australian Labradoodles

Born Black but will have more of a grey skin and will develop individual silver fibers at a young age.  Silver dogs can take up to 3 years to color out and become a beautiful smoky grey through to a light iridescent platinum and varying shades in between at adulthood.  Uneven layering of color in the silver is normal.

Chocolate Colored Australian Labradoodles

Dark and rich, born almost Black, they maintain a dark chocolate throughout their lifetime.  Color should be even.  Chocolate belongs to the Rare Color Group.

Café’Colored Australian Labradoodles

Born Milk Chocolate of varying shades, and has the same gene as the silver dogs, often taking up to 3 years to fully color out to multi shades of chocolate, silvery chocolate and silver throughout.  When given plenty of time in the sunshine, they develop stunning highlights.

Lavender Colored Australian Labradoodles

A Definite, even smoky lavender chocolate, giving almost pink/lilac appearance.  Lavender dogs are born Chocolate and can be difficult to distinguish at a young age. True Lavender belongs to the Rare Color Group.

Parchment Colored Australian Labradoodles

Born Milk Chocolate, will pale to a smoky creamy beige.  Paling usually starts from an early age often as early as 6 weeks.  As adults they can be mistaken for dark smoky Cream from a distance.  Parchment belongs to the Rare Color Group.

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