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Australian Labradoodle: Male vs. Female, what’s the difference?

Boy or Girl - What Do I Want?

Difference Australian Labradoodle male and female puppiesThe majority of people in the market for a puppy have predetermined feelings on a boy or a girl Australian Labradoodle. But the fact is if the pup is spayed or neutered at a young age, their personality traits influenced by their male and female hormones is greatly minimized. As far as attitudes are concerned both are very loving and always ready to please, just as a Labradoodle should be. Females can tend to be a bit more demanding; besides wanting to please you, they will try and get the same in return. They can sometimes have their own agendas, and will let you know what they want. The boys tend to be content lying by your feet and let the day pass by.

Our full selection of Labradoodles for sale feature both boy and girl puppies. You're sure to find a friend!

If full adoption isn't your choice, we also offer puppy guardianship as an option.

Contact the Australian Labradoodle breeders in southeastern Wisconsin for help on determining whether a boy or girl puppy is right for you.

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