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Labradoodle Haircuts, Grooming and Bathing

How Do I Care for an Australian Labradoodle’s Coat?

Australian Labradoodle grooming and bathing tipsFor as long and pretty as they are, you would think that daily grooming of a Labradoodle's coat is needed. This is not the case. A brush once per week is more than sufficient. There is one time when they need more attention and that is when their adult coat comes in. The puppy coat needs to be groomed out almost daily or it will matt. Once matting occurs, it is extremely difficult to correct. As far as haircuts go, most who do not have the time for daily grooming during the conversion have the dog shaved and allow the adult coat to come in.

How Often Do Australian Labradoodles Need to be Bathed?

Bathing your Labradoodle should be done once per month but can be left unwashed longer because of the Labradoodle's fabulous quality of little to no odor. Make sure you don’t get soap in their eyes while rinsing and use a tearless baby or dog shampoo. Make sure to rinse all the shampoo out. There is a myth that shampooing your dog too often can lead to dry skin. It is not dry skin that is visible, but instead the dried shampoo that was not rinsed off properly.

When drying a Labradoodle off, be sure to dry them with two towels: the first to get the water off, and the second to fluff. You can blow dry if you like, but I personally think they get too ‘poofy’. I think it is more fun to watch them slide sideways on the carpet to help you dry them off.

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