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Australian Labradoodle Guardianship ProgramPuppy Guardianship

At Labradoodle Corral, the Midwest's premier dog breeder, we only keep a few dogs living on our ranch and believe that every dog deserves a loving and forever home. By using the Guardianship Program, we ensure that our Cowboys and Cowgirls get individual attention by living with a family one on one. We retain the exclusive breeding rights until the dog ‘retires’ and ownership is then transferred to the Guardian family. This program provides our families with happy, healthy and socialized puppies.  Females are brought back to the ranch usually once a year for breeding, giving birth and welping. From birth to the time your female comes back home is 5 weeks. For families who desire an Australian Labradoodle but do not have $3,000 to buy a puppy, this is an excellent opportunity for a win-win.

  • Guardian homes are carefully selected and must meet our requirements to provide a loving and forever home in a stable environment.  Guardians are selected to raise and nurture  our exceptional Australian Labradoodles.
  • The Guardian family will be responsible for cost of normal pet ownership:  routine vet care, premium dog food, pet supplies and grooming. The Labradoodle Corral will cover the cost of spay/neuter surgery once the breeding career ends. There is no cost associated with the purchase of your dog.
  • They are now 100% yours. Each guardianship arrangement will require a specific contract.  We also pay all costs related to breeding.
  • Guardians of our Cowgirls and Cowboys must:
  1. Live within 1 hour of Labradoodle Corral
  2. Own a home with a fenced in yard, underground/invisible or electronic fence(exceptions made on a case by case basis)
  3. Make sure no other intact dogs are on your premises to prevent unwanted mating
  4. Have prior experience owning, raising and training a dog
  5. Understand the process involved with caring for intact male or females and be willing to assume those responsibilities
  6. Be willing to have your dog stay at the Labradoodle Corral for breeding and/or whelping

Labradoodle Corral will:

  1. Send you a copy of our Guardianship contract so that you can review the process and requirements
  2. Have you fill out our standard application.
  3. Potentially visit your home to review the enviornment. 

Qualified applicants will be asked to come to the Labradoodle Corral, located in southeastern Wisconsin, to meet the dogs and discuss in detail what to expect from the Guardian program.

Contact the Australian Labradoodle breeders in Wisconsin at Labradoodle Corral if you'd like to become a puppy guardian.

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