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Wait List Deposit

This deposit guarantees you a hold for a puppy from the Labradoodle Corral. We will do everything we can to have you get the specific puppy that you are hoping for. However, you are given puppy choices based on the date your deposit is received. The sooner your deposit is in, the better your chances are to get the specific puppy of original preference. For instance, if there are 7 puppies and you are the 6th deposit, you will get a puppy from that litter and you may get the one you were originally hoping for, but if someone with a deposit earlier than your deposit chooses that puppy, you will have a choice of the remaining puppies. If the remaining choices are not satisfactory to you, you can choose to have your deposit be for a different litter. IF no one has put a deposit down on the next litter, you would have the first pet puppy choice from that litter. If you decide there are no good litter choices for your family and eventually buy from another breeder, your deposit will be put toward our time and effort holding your first and subsequent choices. Choices are made by the Labradoodle Corral for breeding retention and the pet puppy owners between 7 & 8 weeks of the puppies birth date.

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Wait List Deposit ($200 per puppy)